How Do I Tell My Parents I Think I’m Mentally Ill?

If you’re a teen or preteen and are struggling with your thoughts and behaviors right now, you may be worried that you’re mentally ill, and deeply desire to get some relief from these feelings. If you are between the ages of 10 and 18, it is important to know that your brain is going through the most […]

Mindfulness Can Bring You Peace

There are wonderful mindfulness practices that, when practiced and used over time, can help train you to live in a healthier state of being, with more peace and less struggle with tough emotions. There is a wonderful website, Mindfulness Muse that is written by therapists and trained mental health professionals and covers many of the […]

Can a Person with Severe Mental Illness Lead a Normal Life?

  A person with multiple severe mental illnesses, like myself, will never lead a “normal” life. We are not neurotypical, and cannot lead neurotypical lives. We live our own special brand of lives. These lives can be worthwhile, rich, and rewarding, even though they do contain immense suffering. Of course, trying to get as close […]