My Goals in Mental Health

There are different levels of important goals related to my mental illness in my life.

The long-term goal is to improve enough that I can go back to work in some capacity, because right now my episodes preclude me from functioning in a workplace.

The goals I have in therapy right now are to decrease depression, increase pleasurable activities and moments in my life daily, and increase assertiveness with the people I love.

The goals of my medicines are to stabilize my mood (mood stabilizer), decrease hallucinations and paranoid delusions, as well as manic/psychotic episodes (antipsychotic), decrease anxiety (anxiolytic/anti-anxiety), decrease depression(anti-depressant), and make me sleep (sleeping pills).

The goals in psychotic episodes are to keep myself safe and wait it out, and to use any applicable coping skills. Example: I am crying very hard, hallucinating, and feeling very afraid: the goal here is to stay safe and decrease fear. The coping tools I choose are cuddling with my husband (rather than trying to take on a task; cuddling means I won’t make any poor choices), asking him if we are safe, watching something on Netflix that I have seen many times (this is very soothing to me), taking an anti-anxiety pill, and using a Tangle (fidget toy available online) to occupy my hands.

The goal I have for the fruits of my work on myself is to share any helpful knowledge I can find with other humans, especially those with mental illnesses. To this end, I have built this very website, and it is full of my best, hard-won knowledge and coping skills.