“Volcanoes” Watercolor and Oil Pastel Print


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The little girl at the bottom of the frame is me as a child, in my childhood home in Austin, Texas. The painting on the wall behind me is an art project I did in elementary school, which I recreated over and over for years because I loved the idyllic scene of a red canoe in a lake. The clock is not fully visible, but the time is 12:34, which is symbolic to me because I had a childhood tradition of making a wish any time that I saw the clock at 12:34. I’m a big believer in making wishes; it doesn’t matter that I don’t believe in magic.

The volcanoes at the top of the frame are the chaos, energy, and heat of mania. I’m the goldfish traveling the road, and the only illuminated spot on my journey is the one I’m in right now. The sky is full of smoke and ash.

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9"x 12", 11"x 14"


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