Climate Strike in Waco, Texas!

Come Be Part of this Global Day of Climate Action!

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Where and When is Waco’s Climate Change Protest?

Waco, Texas will have a rally and march that begins at 11AM in downtown Waco on Friday, September 27th, 2019, as part of the youth-led global movement that demands immediate action against climate change.

We will gather in Heritage Square (at Austin Ave. and 3rd street) on Friday at 11AM to Beige and Blue Ocean Great Outdoors Instagram Posthear speakers, be uplifted by song, and to share a moment with the world in which we participate in raising our voices for change.

We will take those voices to the streets of Waco by marching up Austin Avenue after we hear our speakers and singers, and we will chant and sing as we march. Please make and bring signs that reflect your passions.

The local news will most likely be present, so you may make the old-fashioned TV news!

What Will Happen at the Climate Strike in Waco?

This will be a peaceful protest and march. We will bring signs, listen to several speakers Green Grass Photo Earth Hour Instagram Post (2)and a few songs, and then march up Austin Avenue in downtown Waco (on the sidewalks, not in traffic) holding our signs and raising our voices in one message at a time! All participants must come in a peaceful and encouraging spirit so that any young people who have not protested before will feel safe as they take this important first step into activism. We personally know many of the people who will be there, and they are all lovely, kind, peaceful people. No one will be met with hatred. Come, young people!

What is the Climate Strike?

This will be a GLOBAL WALKOUT from workplaces and schools, this Friday, 9/27/19 – that means it’s happening ALL OVER THE WORLD.

This is a worldwide, youth-led movement that began with one solitary 16-year-old climate-soldier from Sweden named Greta Thunberg (pronounced “tune-burr-ree”) who stood outside the Swedish Parliament with a sign reading “School Strike For Climate” in Swedish. She boycotted school every Friday for months to bring attention to the disaster we are facing. Other young people rallied around her, and now the movement has reached every corner of the world.


Why Do This Now?

This is important. This is crucial. This is the future of a liveable Earth.

This is happening before the UN Climate Action Summit, where 193 countries will convene in Chile to discuss action and policy on climate change at the global level. We must continue to put pressure on our corporations and governments to take the swift and necessary action we need to avert disaster. We still have time.

To match the global conversation, we are globally raising our voices for action and change. We need every single person who believes in the truth that comes from science to participate. The point of protesting is to raise our voices as a city and be heard on this day of massive action. The public cannot let our governments and corporations steal the futures of our young people.

We still have time to improve the situation, but we need to begin acting now if we are going to avert disaster. We need our leaders to consult the climate scientists who can help us and begin moving forward toward a sustainable future. This is not casual or distant. This is us. This is now.

Is Climate Change Real?

If you are the researching type and need scientific proof, the International Panel on Climate Change provides a wealth of information that you can verify yourself.

What Other Climate Events Are Happening?

This past weekend, September 21st, was a highly important and hopeful pre-Summit event at which the UN met and discussed climate change under the watching public eye. Last Friday, September 20th, was also a day of action, and the youth climate-advocates will continue to strike from schools on Fridays. (Currently, 9/27/19 is the only upcoming climate rally in Waco, but if you contact me through this site, I can help you start one.) It is sad that we need the voices of children to reiterate that this is their future at stake. But we are so, so glad that they are speaking out.

There will be a UN Climate Action Summit in Chile in December, where representatives from 193 countries will put their heads together and start addressing our climate crisis.

Until then, students and workers are encouraged by the movement to strike on Fridays. The website can help you organize events of your own!

Why Should I Strike?

We need to do this for the sake of the human race. Our world leaders are the ones who will make this change happen. We must press them. They must hear us.

So walk out, this Friday and the next. Walk out of your school or work, wherever you are, in any state or country. Tell your friends. Tell your coworkers. Make sure everyone knows what they need to do. Just participate.

We each have a voice, and we all must speak in order to be heard. Using our voices, we are so much more powerful together! Act on your values, this Friday, wherever you are!

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