Even more paintings, and what they mean

conv sophie.jpeg

Sophie was my second girlfriend and my first adult relationship. She had short, spikey blonde hair and blue-green eyes. On our first date, I made her dinner and served us downstairs in the piano room. I’d set a table covered in my favorite shiny blue swim wrap, doubling momentarily as a table cloth. I had bought sunflowers and a vase. I cooked a delicious, vegan (catering to her ideological diet) meal, and was extremely nervous and awkward the whole time. Fortunately, she was too, so the balance of power remained equal. A week later, we decided to date exclusively. The night I proposed the relationship and we became girlfriends, I was thrilled. Over the moon. Head over heels. I painted this that night, all of the symbols representing a part of her personality. The d.s. al coda sign was a tattoo she had on her right shoulder blade. Turtles were her spirit animal. She played ukulele. I had made a wish for her on 12:34, my wishing minute since childhood. I saw so much beauty in her, so I put it on paper. This painting echoes in my mind because I remember painting it so vividly; it was such a happy night.



Elizabeth’s Nursery

Elizabeth CC

I worked off and on in childcare for seven years. My favorite student I ever had was a smart, charming two-year-old named Elizabeth. She was in my class at school and I sometimes took care of her at home. I always wanted a little girl, and she was a nearly perfect child. I adored her. I liked to pretend she was my own. I painted this for her to hang in her nursery. I wanted her to remember me when she got older, and I thought a piece of art would hang in her room for a long time, and my short period of impact would be extended until she got old enough to take it down. I was going to give it to her on her third birthday, but I was late getting it framed. I put it on the back burner of my mind and time slipped by without me ever giving it to her family. She must be ten by now, and I haven’t seen her in a long time. I hope she’s happy and healthy and continuing to shine light out into the world.


Meeting Myself

Meeting Myself CC

I wanted to revisit the ideas I had for my first painting, Abigail. These goldfish are both me, meeting myself on the road. The lightning striking the red mailbox is a symbol I don’t understand yet. The blue eyes are Chris, my fiance.


Woman on a Mountain

woman on a mountain

Honest truth, I have no idea what this means yet.