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So, my first rollout of Patreon was a bust, probably because I was charging “per creation” and people had no idea how much money they would be spending a month. I’ve changed that. Now, you get charged your pledge amount on the first of each month, so if you’re at the $3 tier of membership, you’ll only be charged $3 a month.

Patreon is based on the centuries-old tradition of patronage. Artists have long been supported by patrons who wanted to ensure that the artist could continue to create. Through Patreon, you join the We Do Hard Things Club by pledging $3 (or more) a month. In return, I offer you bonus materials like behind-the-scenes news once a month, encouragement emails, social media follows, AMAs, and access to private, patron-only bonus materials on Patreon. Private posts have so far included personal rants, behind-the-scenes news and insights, journal or op-ed style writings about daily life, pictures of my working notebook, articles that aren’t available to the public, and photos from my personal life. There are also different benefits at different tiers of membership, going all the way up to signed prints and original artwork (never reproduced) mailed to your home. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, my Patreon page and everything else included in membership is probably right up your alley.

I hope you’ll take a look at the site and consider joining the We Do Hard Things Club. I think that we could build a supportive, interactive community together, in which we all have the common goal of stable mental health!

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Want to buy me vegetables to eat? takes one-time donations. Kinda like a musician’s open guitar case on the street. Drop in a couple bucks, and boom! Broccoli.

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