Patreon Is Open For Business!

My spirits are up, my hopes are high, and I’m a little bit anxious… sounds like I’m right on schedule for achieving a milestone!

I’m ready to launch my Patreon page.

I had no idea when I started that this is where I’d be 4 years (or 5 years? Who knows.) down the line. I thought I was going to sell my paintings by writing a little bit about what feelings inspired them. Now, I don’t sell paintings on my site at all (although you can find them on Etsy), and prefer to focus on my writing. Originally, I only wrote about my experiences with mental illness. From there, I expanded to writing about mental illness in general, and now I’m even writing pieces that are based on my experience in the world and are sometimes only tangentially related to my mental state. What I’ve learned is: I want to be a writer.

While I do believe that we are what we do, I also would like to use the word “professional”, meaning “I make money with my writing.” I’m continuing to hone my craft and have the long-term goal of becoming a published author (which has been on my bucket list since I was 7 years old), which will take work, skill, and crowdfunding.

That’s why I’ve started a Patreon page. Patreon is based on the centuries-old tradition of patronage. Throughout history, artists have been supported by patrons who wanted to ensure that the artist could continue to create the work that the patrons appreciated. Through Patreon, you can join the We Do Hard Things Club by pledging $3 (or more) per creation. If you’re concerned about me producing more in one month than you want to pay for, you have the option to set a monthly limit on your pledge. For example, you could become a We Do Hard Things Supporter at the $3 tier and set a monthly $3 limit, so that you’ll only be charged for one creation in a month. A paid “creation” is a full-length article to be released on my website 1 month after its release on Patreon. I plan to produce 1 to 3 paid creations per month. I will also be publishing many exclusive, free-to-members posts of various types and lengths, all in the same vein as my website, for members of the We Do Hard Things Club. Every tier of membership comes with completely free access to my Patreon-only posts. Since you’re supporting my craft, I want to make sure I give back as much as I can. I will be listening to patron requests as we go along, so that the rewards at each tier of membership reflect the desires of the members.

Even if you’re still unsure about supporting me, please hop over to my page and check it out anyway. Looking is free! Some of my Patreon posts are even unlocked for the public, so if you’re a reader of Goldfishpainter, you can get some behind-the-scenes content without even signing up.

I hope you’ll consider joining the We Do Hard Things Club. I think that we could build a supportive, interactive community together, in which we all have the common goal of stable mental health!

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