Welcome to the Alliance of Pissed-Off Leftists: Stand and Fight!

By Emily

(@goldfishpainter0 on tiktok, @goldfishpainter on tiktok, Insta, Facebook, and twitter)

Alliance of Pissed Off Leftists is a friend to all people who want to fight the  ::deep sigh:: fucking Civil War. 

The Alliance of Pissed Off Leftists is a group of people currently gathering on social media, who are ready to take action to save the nation from the rising red tide of fascism.

#APOL needs ideas, leaders, content creators, and most of all, people who are willing to post on their own social media.  I want this group to engage with local human rights organizing efforts, brainstorming, workshopping ideas, and no one is obligated to do ANYTHING.

Don’t hurt your mental or physical health (#mentalhealthinphysicalhealth) with any of this. I only want people to give what they can, where they are, with what they have. This includes myself. I won’t be the person in charge once this gets going. Ideally, we’ll have many, many leaders, and the power of APOL will remain decentralized among the group. 

There will be plenty of need for people who just want to share messages with their followers, make videos to rally people, videos to inform people, videos to inspire people! Or just comment to boost posts. 

Anyone who wants to lead a direct or indirect action for the purpose of fighting fascism is encouraged. Just let me know, and I’ll throw the weight of APOL behind it. That’s the idea for the group: anyone with a good leftist idea has a premade social media army they can call on to help amplify, and we become many voices added together.

The fight we’re taking on will be largely fought online. Think the teens who all reserved seats at the Trump rally and no one showed up. Or filling your online carts with thousands of dollars of merchandise and just leave it in the queue during a strike. Or programming clever things, like bots.

It’s great to get involved locally, go to rallies or marches, get the vote out in May and November and support progressive politicians, and we NEED that. But most people don’t have the ability to volunteer. Alliance of Pissed-Off Leftists allows you to be as engaged or disengaged as you want, since you have the option to just use social media if that’s your level of engagement!

Alliance of Pissed Off Leftists is focused on spreading and amplifying all antifascist messages online, on all social media platforms. No one owns us.

If all you do is amplify someone’s message, you’ve contributed. There are no obligations here. We each fight where, when, and how we each choose. And in this dark time, we need to mind our own mental health with vigilance.

Right now, I’m putting this up on my website, since I have it already built. My original mission for the site was help people with mental illnesses live meaningful lives, in as little pain as possible. In light of the new civil war, I’m pivoting to what seems more pressing.

I’m not trying to sell anything, I just needed a digital home, safe from community guidelines violations. Please use the comments feature on this article to post ideas for what potential actions we could take, any big thoughts, opinions, plans, or feelings! Let’s build a network here so that when social media is taken down, we will still have the collective via email. Going through my website comments also allows me to collect contact info so I can easily send emails to everyone.

Anyone who has a burning desire about something, speak up! Opinions, advice, and constructive criticism needs to be shared, because I can’t do this alone, and right now, I can do the gathering of people, but I need other people to come up with good ideas! Go ahead and speak up in the comments. Right now, we need collective brainstorming and warrior-gathering.

I am disabled and will need people to step up to organize efforts if my health goes South. I’ll fight as much as is safe and reasonable for my mental health. PLEASE do the same.  If you have to drop a project or commitment in favor of your mental or physical health, DROP that sucker!

Community organizing should always end with an Ask. So my first Ask is that you sign into my contacts form so that I can start gathering names. Bonus points if you have something to say! I’m especially interested in ideas about how this alliance can be better organized and utilized. All brains on deck!The second ask is that you spend some time thinking about what you could accomplish with a large tiktok exposure. Imagine you’re leading a very clever tiktok army, and you can use the power of social media to fight for our rights, and against authoritarianism and fascism.

The Alliance of Pissed Off Leftists does NOT daccept donations. Please donate to the ACLU if you’re so inclined.

Donations do NOT go to the Alliance of Pissed Off Leftists!

They go to my personal Paypal! 



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  1. Vincent Elliott Ridenour says: Reply


    The situation is starting to seem hopeless but I want to do anything I can.

Thoughts? I will listen.