Category: Borderline Personality Disorder

  • We’re Not Evil! I promise!

    We’re Not Evil! I promise!

    What do you do when you feel completely misunderstood and you see a wave of public sentiment turning more sour on your diagnoses with every passing day? There is an online person who will remain anonymous, currently in a manic episode that needs intervention. Mania often needs hospitalization to get the meds balanced as fast […]

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  • Congratulations! You’re a Horrible Person.

    Congratulations! You’re a Horrible Person.

    Am I a bad person? If I am, how can I be better? I’ll do whatever it takes to be better, please just tell me how. My introduction to borderline personality disorder was through my best friend and my mother, both of whom I love very much. They both have mothers who have been diagnosed […]

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  • A Very BPD Problem

    A Very BPD Problem

    Once upon a time, my poor boundaries led me to unceremoniously, unkindly dump a faithful friend. My mother clearly identified it recently as me devaluing this woman who I loved. Idolatry and devaluation are opposite ends of an interpersonal problem that many people with borderline personality disorder have. Someone who you once loved deeply becomes […]

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