The Difference Between Normal Emotions and Mentally-Ill Emotions: The Color Explanation

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The way I explain the difference between normal feeling experiences and my feeling experiences (with bipolar, major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder) is with color:


Imagine you’re holding a ball. It is deep blue. This ball contains all of your sadness. This ball is 100% of what you experience when you are sad.


Now imagine walking into a room. The walls and ceiling are painted the same deep blue as the ball. This room contains all of a depressed person’s sadness. This room is 100% of their experience when they are sad.

nature red love romantic

The important part is that the ball and the room are the exact same color, and each of them contains 100% of each individual’s sadness. One is larger than the other, but the sadness is based on the same color. If you have felt 100% of your sadness at some point, you have experienced the same sadness a depressed person feels, only you experience that sadness to the extent that the ball can contain, and they experience it to the extent that the room can contain. It’s the same color, and either way, you’re both at 100%


The room full of sadness causes far more problems than the ball full of sadness. A ball doesn’t take up much room and can Continue reading