A Very BPD Problem

Once upon a time, my poor boundaries led me to unceremoniously, unkindly dump a faithful friend. My mother clearly identified it recently as me devaluing this woman who I loved. Idolatry and devaluation are opposite ends of an interpersonal problem that many people with borderline personality disorder have. Someone who you once loved deeply becomes […]

Patreon Is Open For Business!

My spirits are up, my hopes are high, and I’m a little bit anxious… sounds like I’m right on schedule for achieving a milestone! I’m ready to launch my Patreon page. I had no idea when I started Goldfishpainter.com that this is where I’d be 4 years (or 5 years? Who knows.) down the line. […]

Everyone Does Not Feel That Way

Let’s play pretend. Imagine you’re vacuuming your carpet. The room is big, the carpet’s a mess, and your vacuum cleaner is loud. Twenty minutes later, you’re finished, and when you turn off the vacuum, your ears start ringing. The ringing is so loud that you can barely hear your loud music playing. You call me […]

Guns: The Night My Neighborhood Met Fear

By Emily K Harrington It’s midnight, and I’m half-heartedly picking up around the house with Conservative propaganda in the background. Keeping tabs on the likes of Tucker Carlson and Nick Fuentes makes me feel like a super-spy and gives me the illusion of being protected from the evil they promote, since I’ll know where they’re […]

The world is a dumpster fire, and it’s getting worse. How this mentally ill person copes.

When the camps at the US-Mexico border came to the forefront of the news cycle, I was disgusted and dismayed. I was also angry, and anger is motivating. My mom mentioned a breakfast meeting of the Waco Immigrants Alliance, and I went. About a week later, there was a global day of action protesting the […]

How To Have Someone Committed To A Mental Hospital

  The best way to get someone into inpatient treatment (while not always possible), is to have a nonjudgmental and open dialogue with the person that you are trying to help. Most people do not want to go to the hospital, especially when they’re already sick and struggling. If all of your comforting objects, habits, […]

Should We Have Labels?

by Emily Harrington Should We Have Labels? Would it be better to believe you were normal than know you are sick? Does having a label make your life worse? Anything classified as a mental illness or mental disorder is, by its nature, problematic. It’s almost always distressing or painful. A person with a mental illness […]

For the Strong Who Feel Weak

You: If you’ve ever been suicidal and you didn’t attempt suicide, you are strong. If you attempted suicide and failed, you are stronger. If you attempted suicide, failed, became suicidal again, and didn’t make an attempt, you’re even stronger. And so on. If you live with an ice-cold knife in your chest. If you’ve ever […]

Not My Fault. Still My Responsibility.

We are each completely responsible for every single decision we ever make. We have to live with the consequences of all situations and decisions, even ones that are not our fault. “Living with consequences of your decisions” is another way of saying “being responsible for your life”. I do believe that some decisions we make […]

In Crisis; What To Do When You Have No One To Talk To

When you are alone and in crisis, the crushing loneliness you feel is overwhelming. Wanting to talk to someone you love about your thoughts and feelings is natural, but it’s also unfortunately not always an option. In these situations, you can use your coping skills, including writing or calling a warmline or hotline. If you […]